Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Creating simple mobile application using J2ME

We'll use JAVA ME (Micro Edition) on NETBEANS to create a simple mobile application.
I suggest readers that they should know at least core JAVA(J2SE) if not J2EE to make these application.
Before that let me first introduce you to some basic terms:-

MIDLET:-A MIDlet is an application that uses the Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) of the Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) for the Java ME environment. Typical applications include games running on mobile devices and cell phones which have small graphical displays, simple numeric keypad interfaces and limited network access over HTTP.
In simple terms you can consider a midlet to be synonymous to a applet in J2SE

Dont bother about the terms mentioned like MIDP and CLDC .I'll explain them as we proceed towards the depth of J2ME.

Now i found a video which made my job of explaination very easy.
It will require some time as well as about 0.7GB of download and about thrice disk space.So be patient.

Also you can skip downloading NOKIA PC SUITE as it is only required after the application is complete.If you have card reader ,it will also work.

Download video form here:-

 Now for those who have limited processor speed ,RAM or low disk space (rather its good for everyone),
you can just skip the download of SDK's as they as too heavy to run on PC and they slows down PC's greatly.
Also they are mobile model specific.As an alternative just download JAVA wireless toolkit  2.2.(WTK)
After installing the WTK2.2 you dont require SDK's.
If it doesnot work you can always revert beck to what is explained in the video.
Now after you have finished debugging the program just try running it.If it doesn't work browse to the location where your project is saved.
Then go to netbeansproject> projectname>Dist and double click on .JAD file.

I think this is enough for beginning.I'll be covering camera applications,bluetooth applications , games and everything else in my subsequent posts.

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