Sunday, January 31, 2010

Does MBA guarantee a quality emp ?

Human Resource management is people management

Human Resource management is people management and the role of managing people lies on the shoulders of a Human Resource manager. People Management is a wide section that involves numerous aspects ranging from hiring to invigorating. Managing people is utmost important as it is only the employees that can make up an organization. The employee directly or indirectly influences and effectuates the organizational augmentation.

The aspects that the manger highlights begins with hiring the appropriate individual well suited for a task on the basis of their education and experience. Once the person is appointed, their role in the organization is explained to them along with the ways to achieve their goals and how their role can enhance the organization. Befitting to the task training is provided that makes the employee acquainted with the task.

A buffer period is given where the employee actually starts working but under supervision. The HR manager makes sure that the right amount of motivation is provided to the employee to generate quality work. The employee work is evaluated to ensure that the employee works swiftly and the errors could be eliminated. A disciplinary environment is created that allows the employee to work without interruptions. Incase the employee is not up to the mark or the organization has to adopt lay-off principles, the HR department takes the authority and helps in detachment.

The salary negotiations, compensation and benefits all come under the HR perspective. Adopting rejuvenating mechanisms like games and events is the HR manager’s responsibility. The HR team is appointed to serve the employees thus it is said that human resource is people management.

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