Monday, February 1, 2010

Intel and Micron to launch 25nm flash memory chips

angalore: To give the companies a significant cost advantage over rivals, Intel and Micron are all set to launch a new 25-nanometer chips today via their IM Flash Technologies joint venture. This is likely to be the first commercial chip products made using advanced 25nm manufacturing technology, reports IDG News Service.

An Intel official said that the new chips are aimed at smartphones, solid-state drives (SSDs), and portable media players such as iPods. "We are currently sampling it with production expected in the second quarter," said Intel said via e-mail.
Samsung Electronics, one of the world's largest producer of flash memory, is starting work on 30nm technology this year and plans to use it in most production lines by the end of 2010.

The demand for smaller cheap increased as developing smaller chip manufacturing technology is crucial to meeting user demand for small devices that can perform many functions, such as smartphones with built-in music players, cameras and computers. Smaller etching technologies also enable companies to increase chip speed and reduce power consumption. Advances in chip manufacturing technology also lower costs over time, a major benefit to consumers.

The analysts have predicted that the manufacturing cost of the new 25nm flash chips will be about $0.50 per gigabyte (GB), compared to $1.75 per gigabyte for mainstream 45nm flash. The market price of flash chips has been hovering around $2.00 per gigabyte, Objective Analysis said, and will likely remain there throughout 2010. Currently, both Intel and Micron are offering chip samples to customers so that they can start to plan them into gadget designs.


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