Friday, January 29, 2010

Pomegranate (phone) :-cant believe my eyes

The Pomegranate Phone is a mobile phone, mp3 player, gps system, internet, global voice translator, camera, video player, movie projector, coffee brewer, razor and harmonica in one. Wow, a ultimate all-in-one dvice, Concept? It's not a future product but an ad campaign ruse launched on October 1st.
"A well-produced false product introduction complete with hilarious video vignettes by Journeyman Films, tech specs, accessories and more, this micro site is a wily subterfuge to introduce you to Nova Scotia's Come To Life tourism campaign, positioning the province as the venue that has a lot to offer."
However this concept with impressive design. In their website, you can see wonderful video demos feature its multi-fun. A very cool concept!

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