Sunday, February 7, 2010

TCS website hacked !! Domain put for sale

India’s largest software vendor Tata Consultancy Services’s (TCS) website was hacked yesterday by some Foreign Hacker.
Looks like, the website administrators are still unable to re-claim their website. Or, they are still searching for the cause of hacking?
In last couple of months many popular sites has hacked like twitter and Baidu was hacked in January from Irish hackers.
The hack is believed to be a DNS hijack, which is similar to the breach that Twitter succumbed to last year.
This is how the website appeared after hacking(Click on image to zoom)

What's even worse is that the hacker put the domain name on sale.
The website homepage has something written in french, along with an Email address, which might be of the hacker. The hacker may be from france, as it appears to be, after reading the french language written on the homepage.

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  1. Its now ok.
    After a long struggle they have managed to put thing back on track.


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