Friday, February 26, 2010

Justice In Cricket

After watching 200 runs barrier crossed by the most deserved person walking on planet this statement seems to be verified .
 If at all someone deserved it ,it was the mumbai maestro.But now this double century has opened up another debate that was rather  not expected even 3 days before ,the debate on the big question:-
Is Sachin better than Bradman.
well i might sound childish but thats not my views ,the people round the world are saying that.
One debate that is over for sure is whether sachin is better or ponting(it was over for me long time ago but now the idiots who searches reasons to attack sachin's greatness will be quiet too)

Just get back to history and see how it unfolds .The previlege to get the highest score against your name is rightly given to the prolific batsman of that era be it Test or ODI's
This can be seen in the following list:-
Batsman with highest individual scores in ODI (progressive):-
Name              Score    Balls       Date
GM Turner        171*     201     07 Jun 1975     
N Kapil Dev      175*     138     18 Jun 1983    
IVA Richards    189*     170     31 May 1984    
Saeed Anwar    194       146     21 May 1997    
CK Coventry     194*     156     16 Aug 2009    
SR Tendulkar    200*    147      24 Feb 2010    

Batsman with highest individual scores in Tests (progressive):-
   Name             Score    Balls        Date
DG Bradman     334       448      11 Jul 1930     
WR Hammond  336*       -         31 Mar 1933    
L Hutton             364      847        -  Aug 1938    
GS Sobers         365*       -          26 Feb 1958    
BC Lara             375      538       16 Apr 1994    
ML Hayden       380       437       09 Oct 2003    
BC Lara             400*     582       10 Apr 2004     

In ODI just look at the quality of batsman..The prestigious gift was bestowed upon the batsman like kapil dev and sir viv. richards both of them dont need any introduction.
Sir viv. in my views is the best ODI batsman (some might disagree) but still facts proves that.
Next in the list comes the gread pakistani ODI run machine saeed anwar who held the record for an eternity.
But the real justice was done twice once when sir viv got it and now when sir sachin got it.

Moving to test , its even better stats
starting from sir Donald ,then passing to Sir Garfield sobers  then to carribien champion Lara.
Make no mistake about it that every single person present is a great test batsman  be it hutton ,hammond or hayden.
But in my views the highest score is just a gift ,a one day glory and doesnot reflect in any way the true greatness of a batsman .Its the cricket justice which presents this gift to desired players.
Just imagine the four of the modern top five batsman doesnot have a tripple century against their  name.
These gentleman's are
Ponting ,Dravid ,Sachin and Kallis .Lara being the only one to have it.
Poor Kallis doesn't even have a double.
I think this arguement is enough to prove highest score doesnot depict anything.
Its the career average and runs that is true reflection of a batsman's skill.

Still we believe  in justice and it will be more than appropriate for this great player (Sachin) to recieve yet another Gift from heaven to score a tripple century in test because no-one else more than him deserves it.

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