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Sachin Vs Ponting (Commentators Fight)

Who's the better batsman??

Sachin or Ponting

Well ever since the ponting became a real man (its not that he wasn't before,but in cricketing terms) just when the great Brian lara retired ,there has been a constant debate about who amongst the two is best.

First i'll take you to the debate between two commentators just after the master got to his 46'th test match hundred.The two gentleman's were L.siva and a SA commentator (i'll call him sa thereafter).The beauty lies in world so read on the conversation:-

Sachin gets to his hundred.

Siva:-sac,this is what u wanted ,sachin's hundred and south african win. Well one wish is granted.

sac:- But I'll like the second one as well.

After 2-3 dialouge

Siva:-Sachin is running away from ponting .Ponting scored  100 against Pak and since then sachin has got three on the trot.

Its amazing .earlier it was hard to imagine someone getting 50 100's but now it seems all too easy.

sac:-Well let me put one fact in front of u .

Since ponting started playing sachin got 35 hundreds and ponting 39 so who is the better one.

(improve ur stats sac its 38,not 35)


sac:-Sachin has scored most runs in india on flat pitches siva.

Siva:-sachin still.He has batted for almost 20 years.

sac:-Ponting too can bat 20 years.

Siva:- Let him bat but

The ans remains same sac,its Sachin tendulkar.

sac:-Oh u will go on and on for sachin.ok

i'll put it this way .batsman of 70's were better than modern one's.

So who's better sunny(Gavaskar) or sachin

Siva:-(i think he whispered sachin).

sac:-everytime i visit india ,i ask this question but noone except u have answered me.

So u r saying he's better than sunny.

Siva:-Let me sum this one up .

sac:-well  is that not the case for sunny .

Siva:-(laughing)Probably because there were not a billion people that time.

Now to support siva i've collected some stats for you guys to decide whoz better

(well my personal opinion is that its hard to seperate the two in test ,rather 3 including LARA

Each on them have their own valid points to be the best)

But overall its sachin wo stands out because of his Ultimate ODI record which even ponting cant imagine to get near to forget about overhauling.

*Since Ponting's debut in 1995:-

Batsman          Matches   Inn       Runs       Best      Avg.     100      50

RT Ponting        142      240      11859      257      55.67      39       51
R Dravid            139     240      11395      270     53.75       29       58   
SR Tendulkar     130      219     10916      248*    55.97      38        42   
JH Kallis            136     229      10813     189*     55.16      34       52   

*Upto 240 innings (Ponting has played 240)

SR Tendulkar    148      240      11821      248*      54.98      39      49

RT Ponting        142      240     11859      257       55.67       39     51   

*Upto 142 matches(Ponting has played 142)
Batsman          Matches  Inn       Runs       Best        Avg.      100     50

SR Tendulkar    142      229      11289      248*      55.06      37      47

RT Ponting        142      240      11859      257      55.67      39      51

One thing needs to be noted from above three stats,that the earlier phase of sachin's carrier was in early 90's
when run scoring was not as high as it is now.
This is clearly depicted in stats as comparing first 240 innings ,ponting overtakes tendulkar.This ,however doesnot mean he is better because of the difference in run scoring in early 90's and 20th century.
Hence the stat which shows the comparision after the debut of ponting gives us better picture because the cricket was same for both.
In that stat tendulkar is much better than rest of  the players listed even though he played less matched and ponting had the support of one of the all time great australian test team making batting easy for him.
In that sence lara had very little support thus making him one of the best if not the best.
Have a look at his fantabulous ODI record:-

Batsman          Matches   Runs     Best       Avg.       SR       100      50

SR Tendulkar     440    17394     186*     44.71     85.90     45       93
ST Jayasuriya    444    13428     189       32.43      91.22     28      68
RT Ponting        337    12542     164       43.09      80.36     28      75    

 I cannot claim any of the above information to be perfectly correct.However i've tried my best to supply u the correct data and converastion.

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