Saturday, March 6, 2010

Software firms sell 'readymade projects' to engineering students

 Engineering students who need to do projects as part of their course, can now buy readymade projects that small sized software firms are selling in 'project shops'.

In fact, a student, on condition of anonymity said, "We resort to buying readymade projects as they are done by seasoned coders and developers. They save us the headache and constant concern of ruining our project; besides, they are more professional."

Buying a project might be a trend, but I think the evaluators do understand and recognize an original work. For those genuinely interested in developing something on their own, I do not think there is any dearth of recognition and appreciation.

The shopkeepers are ready to give the entire readymade project in a pendrive, as well as teach all the basics involved in the development of the particular project, and also an FAQ bank with answers. Also offered is a list of more than 80-odd projects that are available. "Choose the one you find interesting, collect all the intellectual material, check everything and pay Rs. 8,000. The price is negotiable," said a shopkeeper.

The case is no different for electronics as well. I personally witness more than 50% students buying project from Janak Puri District centre(Delhi) in my college.
what happens is they just decide on a topic(that too they search on net ,they dont even bother deciding their project topic forget about making it.) and then they tell the person to make it for them. Of cource it costs about 2 to 5 thousand rupees to them.

This of-cource is an exception to those who believe in bringing their best out in projects.
I've seen friends of mine making a project in which they almost embedded a PC on a Robot and still ended up getting scolded by teachers as compared to those who bought their project and got about 84 marks.
So whose fault is it students,teachers or the project sellers.
Or is it the fault of those who believe in innovation and genuinely trying something to make their engineering studies worth.

But according to one of my friend it will be totally wrong to target students for this as pressure on them is too much .
Its duty of college to keep the right balance with the projects and studies else students are bound to buy project. Also the support college provides is questionable in more than 70% colleges.

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