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HYPERTERMINAL :- Connecting a microcontroller ,moblie,computer or any other device with serial port.


When you want to transfer date to and recieve data from microcontroller through serial ports.
When you want to connect two PC's and transmit data between them.
When you want to send AT Commands to a Mobile Phone or GSM/GPRS Modem.

*Note:- for details on sending AT commands visit Nokia forum for better visualization.


RS 232 is a standard in serial communication. An 8 bit word is transmitting one after other.
The first bit sent is LSB. Some other bits are attached to the useful bits.
These bits are: START BIT, STOP BIT and some parity bits.
The START BIT is the first bit sent. Then the useful package of bits are following (LSB first).
The last bit sent is STOP BIT. In RS 232 standard an "1" is transmitted as -3 to -25 volts and "0" as +3 to +25 volts.
Some other standard for serial communication are RS 422, RS 423, RS 485.

How to connect:-

1. Connect the device to appropriate serial port.
2. Run MS HyperTerminal by selecting Start >>Programs >>Accessories>>Communications>> HyperTerminal.
3. In the Connection Description dialog box, enter a name and choose an icon you like for the connection. Then click the OK button.

4. In the Connect To dialog box, choose the COM port that you are using(either COM1 or COM2)

5. Another window will open and hyperterminal ask you to choose the baud rate.
6. Choose 9600 baud.

7. In the "Flow control" filed choose "None" and hit OK. for BOTH PCs(single PC in case microcontroller is used).
8. Then, you can start typing and you will see the characters on the second PC (or sent to microcontroller).

9. Same way whatever the microcontroller or second PC send it appears on the window.
10. To see the characters you type on your display too, you have to make two more settings. From "File" menu, choose the "Properties" submenu.
11. Choose "Settings" .Press the "ASCII setup" button and another window will open.
12. Click on the "Send line ends with line feeds" to check it and on the "Echo typed characters locally".
13. Hit now OK and close the window. Now, you can start typing characters and send them to the other PC.

NOTE: In HYPERTERMINAL tha data you are typing (sending serially) is not displayed on the screen. Whereas the data that is received  is displayed on the Hyperterminal Screen.

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