Sunday, February 21, 2010

Got Blocked on G-Talk by someone.

U might be wondering how to know that.
Well not only this ,even if someone is invisible on g-talk(This facility is only provided for users using G-Talk from Orkut or G-Mail) you can catch him.

First I'll explain how to check if someone is invisible:-
  • Sign in to G-Talk ,go to view button and enable show offline friends so that a tick mark comes in front of it.
  • Now click on the person you suspect might be invisible (usually the offline contacts on top are the one's).
  • On the chat window click on the down arrow on top right corner and select GO OFF THE RECORD.
  • Now write something into chat window ,if nothing occurs means guy is invisible,else the message shows is offline and can't receive messages right now.

Now how to check if someone has blocked you:-
First download PIDGIN ( worry its not just for this purpose.
You can sign-in to all types of chatting services on a single client software that too together(imagine yahoo messenger and G-Talk enabled on single client  you can concurrently chat with  both contacts.
    1) Log in to your Gmail account on Pidgin.
    2) Go to “Buddies” -> “Show Offline Buddies“. (A person who has blocked you must be showing    offline to you. So you need to make all offline friends visible)

    3) Now all your contacts are visible to you. Pick any one of those.
    4) Right Click on your chosen contact name and select “Get Info“.

    5)It will show you the brief information of your contact. Now, if any of your contact has blocked you on Google Talk, you will not be able to see his/her profile.

    6) Select a contact who you think may have blocked you. Again, Right Click on his/her name and select “Get Info“. You will not see anything. Not even the contact’s name.

This goes to show that this particular contact has blocked you on Google Talk and don’t want to talk to you and so it appears to be offline always.

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