Thursday, February 18, 2010

IE Developer Toolbar :-(basic tutorial)

Have you ever thought that how would google's homepage look with your pic in the centre
If yes ,its time to get it done.Yes IE Developer Toolbar will help us do it.
Its wonderful application to play with websites and  mould them the way u want.

Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar (sometimes shortened to IE Developer Toolbar or even IE DevBar), is an add-on for Internet Explorer 6 and Internet Explorer 7 that aims to aid in design and debugging of web pages. It allows validating of CSS and HTML, previewing page layout at various resolutions,  and also offers a ruler (measuring in pixels) to aid in positioning the elements. It allows viewing the source of the entire page, color coded for ease of navigation, or selected elements of it, as well as view the DOM source and the CSS selectors that are applied to the element. It also enables viewing the properties and styles of individual elements and also trace styles of elements to its declaration.

How to download:-
Simply search it through google,click on very first site and download it.

How to use:-
When you have completed the download and installed it.
Restart explorer.
Open google homepage.
Go to view>explorer bar>IE Developer Toolbar and click it to activate it

A window will open on bottom.
Step 1:-Now choose the very first option in it.
Step 2:-Click on google image.
Step 3:- Scroll the bar down.

Step 4:-Scroll to height and doubleclick on height value.change it to any value and press enter.
U'll see image expanding.

Step 5:-Next select src double click it's value and replace it with any image location
try this one
Press enter and see the effect.

Step 6:- Try changing other properties as well.

Explore the rest of the toolbar yourself because it is not possible for me to explain it right now.
Still any queries are welcome .
You can contact me at for any details,functionality or any other thing.
It'll be a pleasure explaining or solving problems.
Else goggle toh hai hi.

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