Friday, February 19, 2010

reMail :- Google adds one more to its repertoire

Google buys reMail, kills iPhone app
Google has acquired an email search company called reMail. It is an iPhone application that provides full-text search of Gmail and IMAP e-mail accounts.
What is reMail??
It downloads all your E-mails on your phone andlets you search it light speed.

Whom does it caters?
It serves all the I-Phone or I-Pod touch users.

How it helps?
reMail is fast full-text E-mail search .With all E-mails on your phone you can use it offline.

Do keep in mind its reMail and not Remail (the one developed by IBM).
That's a good one too (u might be willing to google that as well)

Why aquisition?
The only reason i found is that google doesnot want any other application to flourish.
Its not that google has decided to move into I-Phone applications rather they would like to use their newly aquired talent in G-Mail and improve it further(It still rocks).
reMail service might be discontinued soon for its previous users as well. 

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