Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Editing Group Policy (GPEDIT):- Computer's default settings.

This post will enable you to alter various default settings.
These ranges from setting desktop and startup appearance to allowing access permissions for various applications.
Now starting with this follow these steps:-
  • Go to RUN.
  • Type GPEDIT.MSC and press ok.
A new window  will be opened as shown:-

I am starting with Administrative templates in this post under user config .Rest i'll cover in next post.(Plz dont try to play wi
th other settings unless you have some idea about it)
In this post i'll  explain user configurations so select it from the two
options shown.
In this select Start menu and taskbar.

just select any settings you want to alter and double click on it.
A new window will be opened which allows you to configure the property giving you option to enable or disable it. By default they are set as Not configured so in case you alter them and forget whats appropriate, simply set it to Not configured.
Also you can briefly examine each setting by going to explain tab in newly opened window.

Ex:- I choose Turn off user tracking and double clicked on it .
The window opens as shown:-(double click on pic to zoom)
Now its description says:-
Disables user tracking:-

This setting prevents the system from tracking the programs users run, the paths they navigate, and the documents they open. The system uses this information to customize Windows features, such as personalized menus.

If you enable this setting, the system does not track these user actions. The system disables customized features that require user tracking information, including personalized menus.
Now its up to you how you want to set it.
Check out other settings as well.

Same way you can check other options under Administrative templates .
Lets take another example:-
Want to Turn Off AUTOPLAY:-
Go to system in  Administrative templates and choose Turn off autoplay and set it to enable.
Next time you CD and USB drive wont be played automatically.

Much more than above is there to be explored.But i strictly warn y
ou that dont play with computer configurations unless you have some idea about it.
Just wait for my next post to learn that.

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