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Removing Virus Manually

Fed up of slow PC due to antivirus ,just dump them .
But what about the virus ???Simple , let them approach you.We''ll manage.
Sometimes cure is better than prevention.
Antivirus in most cases are major sources of virus (i am not kidding) ,it is the case most of the time.
Moreover ,antivirus heavily uses CPU cycle making it slow for other use.

Now starting with the damage control job ,follow these steps:-

  • Re-Enabling Task Manager:-
The most common symptom of virus is that it disables your task manager.
Now first check it by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL.
If it doesnot work ,simply copy the following code ,paste it in run dialog box(from start menu) and click ok
Here's the code:-

REG add HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System /v DisableTaskMgr /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f
Now try opening the task manager.I am sure it'll work.

  • Stopping Virus activity (temporarily):-
Even though this step wont remove virus permanently ,but it'll allow us to remove them completely after following rest of the steps.
Open task manager and go to processes tab and click on the cpu button twice to arrange it in descending CPU cycle order(view picture).

Next check for the processes which are taking CPU cycle (more than 0) ,now if you have basic idea about processes on your PC you can easily make out which is the unwanted process.If you don't ,you can read my previous post which helps you in this.
Here's the link:-

Just stop the process by right clicking on it and selecting end process(Don't forget to note its name).
Once the process is stopped now you can delete that process.
Simply search it in your computer and find all occurrences and delete them.
The most common location for virus are:-
  • Temp folder in documents and settings(Don't forget to select option show hidden files and folders)
path:- C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp

  • C:\WINDOWS\system32
Simply go to both these folders ,right click and select arrange icon by and then modified.

This will arrange the files in ascending order of their arrival or modification.
The one's at last would most likely be the virus files.Deeply analyse them and delete if you think it is not of any use.

  • Removing startup virus exe files.
For this simply read my previous post post link(click here).
Now when you go to startup manager ,you can see the location of exe of the suspected application and delete it from there.(see the given pics)

As you can see in above pic , Snd is a suspected virus file ,so i simply went to the highlighted location corresponding to it and deleted that particular exe file.
Note that it is in temp so it has every chance of being a virus .
If the location would have been somewhere in java or windows media player or some useful application's folder , i would have thought hundred times before deleting it.
So ,you should be cautious about this.

For the processes just google the process name and you'll find the information about it and also you'll get to know if it is a virus or not.

Note:- I've tried to explain a little bit in this post.Rest i'll cover in subsequent post. For the users who have limited knowledge about PC and processes i'll suggest them not to go this way ,rather use antivirus because they might end up ruining their windows.
Also try to learn and note down the normal windows processes when no virus is present so that you can compare it with the virus infected process status.

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