Thursday, March 18, 2010

HTML5- Hardware Accelerated , partially used by Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft has announced that the new internet explorer will have many features supporting HTML5, which will make browsing internet a speedy experience.HTML5 will enable a new class of applications
Microsoft will be using Silverlight more extensively in IE9. This might work well for Microsoft but also might slow up the speed of the browser.

But there are many features that are not supported by IE9. Like the Canvas element. "All the graphics that run in IE9 are GPU-powered, they are hardware accelerated.
Microsoft will also have to deal with the issue of video codecs, which has left the Video tag without any officially standardized codec.
The IE9 preview does a better job with the Acid3 standards test than earlier versions, but at 55 per cent, it remains poor, considering that some other browsers pass completely.
The new IE9 will not be supporting Windows XP. "Building a modern browser requires a modern operating system. There are facilities in Windows Vista and Windows 7 around security, for example the integrity-level work that gave us protected mode. There are performance improvements, there is graphics infrastructure to take advantage of the GPU, that doesn't exist in previous operating systems.

HTML5,  will enable a new class of applications. These applications will stress the browser runtime and underlying hardware in ways today’s websites don’t.
IE9 has new script engine, internally known as “Chakra,” and made tremendous progress  on an industry benchmark for JavaScript performance.  Chakra compiles JavaScript in the background on a separate core of the CPU, parallel to IE.

There are significant performance gains that graphically rich, interactive web pages enjoy when a browser takes full advantage of the PC’s hardware capabilities through the operating system. The same HTML, script, and CSS markup work across several different browsers; the pages just run significantly faster in IE9 because of hardware-accelerated graphics. IE9 is also the first browser to provide hardware-accelerated SVG support.

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