Friday, March 19, 2010

Managing STARTUP Applications and Processes.

How often it happens when you start your PC ,after it boots ,it takes certain time to recognize your keys (or it simply hangs or waits for certain time).
This occurs due to number of startup applications that are loaded automatically ,even though many of them are not of much use to us.

Many of you might be using Tune Up Utilities software for managing that.Its's good ,rather awesome.
But it is usually a trial version. Better use windows in-built utility called "system configuration utility"

Just go to start/Run and type msconfig ,then click on OK.
A dialog box will open up.
Dont play with this box untill you have knowledge about it.

Simply go to Startup tab (the last tab).
It lists all the applications scheduled to open at startup.
Just uncheck the ones you think are of no use at startup (Dont worry you can always open them after startup if you need to).
example:-here i have disabled IDM by unchecking it.
Press ok and then it'll ask you to restart.
Click on restart to apply the changes.

Many of you might be wondering from where does these application keeps on adding to the startup.
Well , when you install a software or application ,it automatically gets into your startup if it is programmed as such.
Also for advanced users who dont even want to see these applications listed in startup(forget about loading).They have two options:-

    Delete it from Start/All programs/Startup
    Or go to C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

Note:-In any circumstances ,altering Startup wont affect working of you PC. You can always open them manually.
This post will help a great deal in explaining my next post "HOW TO REMOVE VIRUS MANUALLY"

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